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Choosing A Wedding Dress


Your wedding dress is most likely the most important aspect of your wedding and the most difficult one to choose, but it’s also usually one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning, especially since the searching is usually done with a close friend or family member.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress isn’t the same as when you head to the mall to get a new outfit fr the weekend. Instead of simply trying on several dresses until one looks stunning, you need to find one that is tailored to accentuate your features.

All eyes are on the bride the entire day and that almost the majority of photos from your wedding day will include the bride in her dress, so it better look as good as possible and find a dress that fits well with your body type.

In the past, it was a strict tradition that only a virgin would wear white to their wedding, but those days are gone, and if this is not your first wedding, or you are not a virgin, don’t think twice about getting a white dress if that’s what you want to wear.

You will definitely want professional help when choosing your wedding dress. Because it is what they do for a living, they will be very experienced in choosing a dress well-suited for your frame, and chances are high that they’ve already helped other women with your exact body type in the past.

They will know how to pick a dress that will accentuate your best features.  For instance, a dress that has a fitted bodice would be good if you have a large bust, and you might want a dress that is fitted all the way down if have a very small and thin frame (so the dress does not overwhelm your body).

It’s important not to get your hopes set on just one specific dress that you may have seen on another woman in a photo or on a celebrity.  Everyone is different and wedding dresses will appear different on all women. You’re looking for a dress that fits you!

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Wedding Gifts And Bridal Registry


Believe it or not, setting up a registry for wedding gifts is something that many couples forget to include in their wedding planning, but singing up for a bridal registry is a must.

For most people, buying a wedding gift is a daunting task unless you happen to know the bride and groom extremely well. If you have a wedding gift registry set up with ample choices, then you will make things much easier on your friends and family.

Basically how it works is, you go to a store and set up a bridal registry and as a couple you can decide on a range of items that you need and/or like to receive as gifts.  Then, you send your wedding guests to that store where they can view the list of items on the registry and once they buy a gift, it is automatically removed. This way, you are guaranteed that you will not receive  duplicate gifts and your guests will feel good about getting you a gift you will enjoy. It’s a win-win!

You can even register at a few different stores, since not everyone is going to like to shop at the same stores you happen to love, and this also gives them even more options. Just be sure to remember not to put the same gifts on two or more registries.

Ultimately, it’s a benefit for everyone to have at least one registry to choose from. Remember to choose a variety of gifts that cover a wide range of budgets that include everyone.  Although you may be starting out with your life and need a lot of big ticket items, you don’t want to exclude the guests who may not have a big budget available to them for wedding gifts.

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