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Music For Your Wedding Day

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Music For Your Wedding Day


Paying for music on your wedding day is one cost you really aren’t going to get away from and you have two basic options. You can either choose to have the traditional live music with a performer, or you can choose to have recorded music, which has become more and more common these days.

Typically, live music is preferred because the majority of people see it as romantic to have a live performer serenading the new couple on their special day. Also, there are many who see it as being cheap to have recorded music, especially the traditional folks. However it’s quite possible that the couple simply doesn’t enjoy live music, or maybe they want their reception to be low key and be able to have more control over the volume and what music is played.  In this case, it will still cost money because a DJ will be hired to take care of the music and the sound.

If you decide to hire a live music artist or group, be sure to choose one that performs music that both you and your partner enjoy. Remember that this is your day and although you want your guests to have a good time, you don’t want to choose music that pleases them but gives you a headache. If you happen to love heavy metal, then get a hard rockin’ band that blows the roof off the reception hall! It’s your wedding and the celebration is supposed to be fun for you guys!  You still have the option of throwing in a mixed CD in between the bands sets, and that could be toned down a bit if you so desired.

Choosing a DJ is a bit easier as there usually is many to choose from and shouldn’t be hard to find recommendations. DJs are also usually very versatile and have large collections of different types of music, which is perfect for when Aunt June requests a Motown song from 1954.

It’s highly recommended that whatever type of music you choose, it includes at least 2 slow songs. One for the traditional bride and groom alone, and then one after for the guests.  However, as stated above, if you happen to despise sappy love songs, do away with it. There are a lot of traditional guidelines, but no actual rules for a celebration. It’s your wedding!

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