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Wedding Budget: 2 Big Money Savers

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Wedding Budget: 2 Big Money Savers


The whole purpose of your wedding planning budget is so that you don’t fall into the trap of overindulgence in the areas that are completely unnecessary. This is your big day, so of course you want it to be as special as possible, but the point of your budget is to spend on the important parts and cut back on those which you can do without (while still creating a beautiful wedding and reception).

There are two common expenses that often dig into the wedding budget much deeper than it had to. Those two things are wedding favors and the wedding cake.

Wedding Favors

When your guests arrive to witness your special day, they show up to celebrate your love with you and congratulate you. It’s ok if they don’t leave with high priced bottle of wine or some other type of gift that they actually don’t even want. While it’s a thoughtful gesture, it is really necessary and can take a big bite out of the wedding planning budget.

Wedding Cake

The size of the wedding cake is often the most costly when you think of it in terms of use versus price. Whenever you see a humongous cake at a wedding, there is almost always about half or more left over. Wedding cakes are expensive as it is, so be careful when choosing one. Bigger is not necessarily better. You can often get smaller wedding cakes that rival the bigger ones for a lot less money.

If you insist on having 3 or 4 tiers, then why not save money by having false centers or even filling it with flowers that match your wedding decor. It would still look beautiful, you wouldn’t waste food, and you still can fit a big cake into the budget.

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Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

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Saving Money On Wedding Flowers


Saving money on wedding flowers is definitely one of the top worries when planning out your wedding budget. Most of use aren’t flower enthusiasts, and so it’ often just left up to a few choices in your price range and that’s it. However, there are quite a few ways that you can save money on your wedding flowers simply by getting more involved in the details.

Here are a few general tips that will cut down on the costs, simply by spending a little extra time on your research and choices.


When you’re discussing ideas for your wedding flowers with your local florist, be sure to ask as many questions as possible. In fact, it’s a good idea to do a little research online first and write down a detailed list of thoughts and concerns before you meet with the florist.

Also, be sure to arrive at the meeting with your florist with a clear and open mind. This is what they do for a living, and it’s important to be open to suggestions when working within a budget. You’d be surprised what they can come up with that both saves you money and makes your wedding day beautiful.

Buy in bulk

Since you’ll have several uses for flowers on your wedding day, you can save a great deal by finding one local florist that can accommodate you in all areas and buy from them in bulk. You should be able to get a decent discount for buying in large quantity and giving a down payment (if required).

Do It Yourself Creations

If you want to venture into creating bouquets and centerpieces yourself, it might be a tad overwhelming if you have never done that type of thing before. But, if you’re the crafty type that can whip up that sort of thing and enjoy doing it, you can definitely save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

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