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Wedding Reception: The Location


Choosing where to hold your wedding reception really depends on personal tastes of the couple who are getting married. Ultimately, the wedding reception can be held anywhere that is comfortable for a group of people to congregate.

Here are a few quick tips that you want to think about when choosing where to have your wedding reception:

  • Bug free
    Especially if you’re wedding is in the summer, you’ll want to choose a place to hold your reception that is free from pesty insects that could swarm in and attack the food and the guests.
  • Not too hot, not too cold
    Extremely humid temperature is going to be uncomfortable for the wedding guests as is an area that’s a bit on the chilly side. Whether it’s outdoors or and indoor setting, be sure to think about the temperature and how you will control it, if possible.
  • Space and seating
    This one may sound obvious, but it’s sometimes taken for granted. Be sure to really take a good look at your possible reception areas. Set up the tables and chairs for as many people that will be attending so that you can actually get a visual idea of how things will look. Sometimes a a rental facility will say that it seats 300, but that is the maximum with no room left over.
  • Distance
    It’s very common to have a reception area actually on the same premises as the wedding itself. However, if you choose to have it somewhere special that is not the same location as the actual wedding ceremony, be sure that it is no more than a few miles away. You do not want to inconvenience your guests by having them drive for 30 minutes after the wedding.

Again, the decision is completely yours, but be sure to facilitate the guests as much as possible once the reception area is chosen.

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Setting Your Wedding Budget


When you decide on a wedding date and begin to consider what your budget will be, it’s crucial that you set a firm amount that you will be working with as early as possible before you do anything else.  You definitely do not want to start purchasing before you have the exact budget in place.

Choosing your wedding budget

Deciding on the actual number is not quite as easy at it might sound when you have a bride and a groom that might have  two different opinions on what a perfect wedding (and wedding budget) looks like. It can be especially stressful if you are planning to save the money yourself on a weekly or monthly basis leading up to the wedding. The key is to keep it simple, take deep breaths, and outline the total costs. After you have done that, determine how much you will need to put aside each week in order to make it affordable.

The wedding planning duration (how long to save)

Most people have anywhere from 3 months to a couple years from the time they get engaged to the actual day of the wedding, but remember that some things are going to have to be paid in advance.  It’s very common for couple to foot the bill themselves these days, but f you do have family members that are willing to contribute, it’s a good idea to discuss it with them during the budget preparation instead of estimating what you think they will offer you.


Keeping the details organized is important with any budget.  Setting up a binder with envelopes that will be named and used for receipts, contributions, and memos is a great way to make sure that the planning stays well-organized once the purchasing and bookings begin.

The important thing is to not become overwhelmed with the budget planning and remember that the wedding day choices are supposed to be a fun process leading up to one of the most important days of your life.

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Choosing A Wedding Dress


Your wedding dress is most likely the most important aspect of your wedding and the most difficult one to choose, but it’s also usually one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning, especially since the searching is usually done with a close friend or family member.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress isn’t the same as when you head to the mall to get a new outfit fr the weekend. Instead of simply trying on several dresses until one looks stunning, you need to find one that is tailored to accentuate your features.

All eyes are on the bride the entire day and that almost the majority of photos from your wedding day will include the bride in her dress, so it better look as good as possible and find a dress that fits well with your body type.

In the past, it was a strict tradition that only a virgin would wear white to their wedding, but those days are gone, and if this is not your first wedding, or you are not a virgin, don’t think twice about getting a white dress if that’s what you want to wear.

You will definitely want professional help when choosing your wedding dress. Because it is what they do for a living, they will be very experienced in choosing a dress well-suited for your frame, and chances are high that they’ve already helped other women with your exact body type in the past.

They will know how to pick a dress that will accentuate your best features.  For instance, a dress that has a fitted bodice would be good if you have a large bust, and you might want a dress that is fitted all the way down if have a very small and thin frame (so the dress does not overwhelm your body).

It’s important not to get your hopes set on just one specific dress that you may have seen on another woman in a photo or on a celebrity.  Everyone is different and wedding dresses will appear different on all women. You’re looking for a dress that fits you!

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Music For Your Wedding Day


Paying for music on your wedding day is one cost you really aren’t going to get away from and you have two basic options. You can either choose to have the traditional live music with a performer, or you can choose to have recorded music, which has become more and more common these days.

Typically, live music is preferred because the majority of people see it as romantic to have a live performer serenading the new couple on their special day. Also, there are many who see it as being cheap to have recorded music, especially the traditional folks. However it’s quite possible that the couple simply doesn’t enjoy live music, or maybe they want their reception to be low key and be able to have more control over the volume and what music is played.  In this case, it will still cost money because a DJ will be hired to take care of the music and the sound.

If you decide to hire a live music artist or group, be sure to choose one that performs music that both you and your partner enjoy. Remember that this is your day and although you want your guests to have a good time, you don’t want to choose music that pleases them but gives you a headache. If you happen to love heavy metal, then get a hard rockin’ band that blows the roof off the reception hall! It’s your wedding and the celebration is supposed to be fun for you guys!  You still have the option of throwing in a mixed CD in between the bands sets, and that could be toned down a bit if you so desired.

Choosing a DJ is a bit easier as there usually is many to choose from and shouldn’t be hard to find recommendations. DJs are also usually very versatile and have large collections of different types of music, which is perfect for when Aunt June requests a Motown song from 1954.

It’s highly recommended that whatever type of music you choose, it includes at least 2 slow songs. One for the traditional bride and groom alone, and then one after for the guests.  However, as stated above, if you happen to despise sappy love songs, do away with it. There are a lot of traditional guidelines, but no actual rules for a celebration. It’s your wedding!

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Wedding Gifts And Bridal Registry


Believe it or not, setting up a registry for wedding gifts is something that many couples forget to include in their wedding planning, but singing up for a bridal registry is a must.

For most people, buying a wedding gift is a daunting task unless you happen to know the bride and groom extremely well. If you have a wedding gift registry set up with ample choices, then you will make things much easier on your friends and family.

Basically how it works is, you go to a store and set up a bridal registry and as a couple you can decide on a range of items that you need and/or like to receive as gifts.  Then, you send your wedding guests to that store where they can view the list of items on the registry and once they buy a gift, it is automatically removed. This way, you are guaranteed that you will not receive  duplicate gifts and your guests will feel good about getting you a gift you will enjoy. It’s a win-win!

You can even register at a few different stores, since not everyone is going to like to shop at the same stores you happen to love, and this also gives them even more options. Just be sure to remember not to put the same gifts on two or more registries.

Ultimately, it’s a benefit for everyone to have at least one registry to choose from. Remember to choose a variety of gifts that cover a wide range of budgets that include everyone.  Although you may be starting out with your life and need a lot of big ticket items, you don’t want to exclude the guests who may not have a big budget available to them for wedding gifts.

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