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When you decide on a wedding date and begin to consider what your budget will be, it’s crucial that you set a firm amount that you will be working with as early as possible before you do anything else.  You definitely do not want to start purchasing before you have the exact budget in place.

Choosing your wedding budget

Deciding on the actual number is not quite as easy at it might sound when you have a bride and a groom that might have  two different opinions on what a perfect wedding (and wedding budget) looks like. It can be especially stressful if you are planning to save the money yourself on a weekly or monthly basis leading up to the wedding. The key is to keep it simple, take deep breaths, and outline the total costs. After you have done that, determine how much you will need to put aside each week in order to make it affordable.

The wedding planning duration (how long to save)

Most people have anywhere from 3 months to a couple years from the time they get engaged to the actual day of the wedding, but remember that some things are going to have to be paid in advance.  It’s very common for couple to foot the bill themselves these days, but f you do have family members that are willing to contribute, it’s a good idea to discuss it with them during the budget preparation instead of estimating what you think they will offer you.


Keeping the details organized is important with any budget.  Setting up a binder with envelopes that will be named and used for receipts, contributions, and memos is a great way to make sure that the planning stays well-organized once the purchasing and bookings begin.

The important thing is to not become overwhelmed with the budget planning and remember that the wedding day choices are supposed to be a fun process leading up to one of the most important days of your life.

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